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Hevitra Solutions

Passion     Empowerment     Vision     Commitment


Our Story

A Visionary Team

Hevitra Solutions is an  international company of socially like-minded people who take action and believe in “Making A Difference”.  We make this difference by designing, building and providing innovative healthcare solutions that address service and infrastructure deficiencies in developing communities and countries around the world.  Our objective and desire is to provide these solutions to those in need with a cost structure associated to the developing communities specific economic capabilities.

We strive to understand the complexities of our clients' business and their technology needs. Hevitra focuses on understanding their specific challenges in order to customize our solution design to eliminate the barriers to entry and to dramatically improve their service delivery, access, productivity and profitability.  

At Hevitra Solutions, we take pride in our in-depth business knowledge and our skill in deploying state-of-the-art technologies. We confidently use our proven process for delivering solid solutions that go straight to the bottom line with a primary focus of alleviating human suffering and saving lives.

Our Flag Ship Solutions -- UNITY PHMCSTM is a next-generation medical, clinical, personal, and population health data management system custom-designed to address these challenges. It is built on the experiences of the U.S. healthcare and clinical research systems, and it offers an unparalleled depth of control over data. Our solutions make interfacing between all participants in the health care exchange easier than ever— from physicians to their patients, in tracking life-medical history, and in exploiting powerful decision-support technologies to help drive healthful life choices.


Our Mission

Driven By Passion

Design, Develop and Deploy –- Innovative and affordable global population healthcare solutions that address health care service and infrastructure deficiencies to help alleviate human suffering and save lives in developing communities and countries worldwide.  

Core UNITY Principles

  • Understand and design solutions that overcome deployment barriers


  • Nurture community relationships to bolster adoption, collaboration, and participation

  • Improve levels of healthcare utilization, access, distribution, and service quality

  • Transform localized paper-based systems to a globalized and electronic digital record system

  • Yield intuitive insights for comprehensive decision-making via data sharing and cognitive analytics

Our Story
Our Mission

Our Team

Who’s Who

We wouldn’t be able to take Hevitra Solutions to the next level without our incredible team of passionate and socially-minded entrepreneurs who collaborate together to build solutions to help alleviate human suffering and save lives.


Read below to learn more about the incredible Hevitra Solutions team.


Our Values

Create and Innovate

Hevitra Solutions’ values greatly contribute to the success of our work.  We practice these values to grow as individuals and as team members making our team the best.   We place emphasis on a sense of open culture and flexibility. Our team members are encouraged to contribute new ideas toward the company and its projects. Everyone is able to communicate freely with each other regardless of their position within the organization. An entrepreneurial spirit is promoted to stir up creative, new, and innovative ideas.  


We connect and learn from each other, which allows us to take ideas to the next level. 


  • Commitment – Giving 100% to everything until you succeed

  • Ownership – Taking ownership of your work and being accountable for the results

  • Integrity – Promising what you deliver and making agreements that you stand by

  • Excellence – Delivering work, products, and services of exceptional quality

  • Success – Focusing everything on a successful outcome

  • Education – Learning from your mistakes and growing

  • Team Work – Being a team player and leader while working toward a team goal

  • Balance – Remembering that other aspects of life are just as important as your financial and intellectual aspects

  • Gratitude – Saying thank you and showing appreciation often and in many ways

  • Transparency – Looking for ways to share information with others

Our Values
Our Team
Francine Allen_edited_edited.png

Francine S. Allen, BA

Chief Executive Officer

24+ years of programming application software design, development and engineering experience in finance, banking, and technology industries.  6+ years managing large Offshore Development Teams in India, Philippines, China, and Madagascar.  Global Service manager for one of HP’s largest Managed Service accounts (Alcatel Lucent).  Worked in both the public and private sectors.  Completely fluent in English, French, and Malagasy.

Buddy Jones, MS_edited.png

Buddy Jones, MS

Chief Operations Officer

26+ years of management and IT experience in technology, health care, and many other industries. 10+ years developing, managing and leading international expertise teams. Managed the Americas Division HP Tier One Storage business estimated at $125 + millions in annual revenue.  Chief Technologist Central U.S. HP Storage Division. Worked in both public and private sectors and has served in the United States Navy.

Charles Albanese_edited.png

Charles D. Albanese, BS

Chief Financial Officer

An experienced business executive with 26+ years of experience in public and private companies with specialties in financial analysis, margin enhancements, strategic planning, leadership, organizational development, exit strategies, business growth, and international operations. He is a C-Level Executive Consultant / Private Equity Operating Partner -- (Do It Right LLC / Minority Venture Partners / Star Prints / Keiretsu Forum).

Mark Sakauye_edited.png

Mark Sakauye, BS

Chief Innovation Officer

12+ years of experience in Full Stack and Open Source development in finance, biomedical and health care. Named 2013 Computerworld Honors Laureate for visionary application of information technology to promote positive social, economic and educational change. Chief developer of UNITY CTDMS and PHM Healthcare Solution prototypes.


Ian Brooks, PhD

Chief Health Science Officer

22+ years experience in academic and health care based research groups and health care IT. Drove data management services for adoption of the Unity (UHMCS / CTMS Prototypes) at several major research sites across the U.S. Expert in population health and Clinical Data Management.

Kim Pewitt-Jones_edited.png

Kim Pewitt-Jones, PhD

Chief Communications Officer

25+ years of communication experience that includes involvement with new organizations, non-profit organizations and higher education. Led startup magazine editorial team for megachurch in North Texas. Served as President, VP of Programs, and Awards for Society of Professional Journalists for Fort Worth Professional chapter. Published in academic journals. PhD in Mass Communication and Journalism (Texas Tech).


Patty Ranaivo, PhD_edited.png

Patricia Ranaivo, PhD

Chief Program Delivery Officer

Patty is an analytical chemist with 13+ years of experience in water research and pharmaceutical analysis. She used her experience as a chemist to bring safe water, health and hygiene to communities in Madagascar. She’s also a District Leader for ONE Campaign ( and regularly meets with US elected officials to lobby for Foreign Aid budgets. She’s fluent in English, French, and Malagasy. 


Bryan Jones, BS, MIS

Director of Solution Architecture

Brian has 15+ years of industry experience in various IT roles. He works as the application manager at Hevitra and his role includes managing the tools that Hevitra uses to do business. He has a background in a wide variety of IT roles in multiple different business verticals including Healthcare, Government, and Transportation.


Jason Jones

Director of Cloud Engineering

A highly focused and passionate Technologist with 21+ years Systems Design, Architecture, Implementation, Operations, Management, and Engineering experience in the Financial, Government, Logistics, Healthcare, and Technology industries.  A technical professional who understands the business, and how technology supports the business. Has a proven and successful track record in the design and implementation of innovative cloud solutions, resulting in stable, secure, and maintainable business systems and data security.  Works well leading cross-functional teams and as an individual contributor. Jason effectively leverages and manages his team resources and talents to produce effective, efficient and on schedule results.


Rak Collins

UX/UI Design Manager 

Rak has 22+ years of professional experience across UX/UI design, project management, graphic design, and financial operations. He is a firm believer and advocate of design thinking as a problem solving tool – “Design Thinking is needed to avoid the tendency to formulate a solution for a problem without a broad and empathetic exploration of the underlying issues.” He has served clients from a variety of industries including health care, technology, financial services, consumer, and government. Rak’s experience across multiple roles and industries brings a strong combination of skills that helps clients solve their complex business challenges.


Delena Gray

Digital Design Manager 

Inspired ideas need great design.  Using a variety of media, I reach my audience where they are. As a natural storyteller I craft a narrative with photography, videos and graphics. Fifteen years in the animal health field, in addition to managing social media, print, video, photography has given me a wide range of experiences and a unique perspective.


Michael L. Allen, BA

Chief Technology Officer

30+ years of Management and IT experience in health care, technology, banking and insurance industries. 10+ Years developing, managing and leading global technical teams. Managed a global HP service portfolio of +$220 million in annual revenue. Worked in both the public and private sectors and has served in the United States Marine Corps. Fluently speaks English and French and has a working knowledge of Malagasy.

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